Breast Implants Gone Wrong

Dangerous Mammoplasty Procedures

Many women are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, leading to visiting a plastic surgeon for a consultation concerning a mammoplasty. Mammoplasty was originally designed to correct abnormalities due to a female having a congenital birth defect or a serious injury to the breasts. As mastectomies for cancerous tumors in one or both breasts have become more common, many women are opting to have immediate reconstruction to have a normal appearance. This involves placing artificial prostheses in the woman’s body that occasionally develop contamination that leads to infection or illness. Because each woman’s body is unique, a careful evaluation and consultation with a board-certified cosmetic or plastic surgeon is essential to have a great outcome from a mammoplasty procedure.

Not Understanding Risks

Today, women with healthy breast tissue are requesting enlargements to look better in revealing garments such as low-cut dresses or swimsuits. Breast augmentation is now so popular that many teenagers want the procedure upon graduating from high school. The reason many women want this cosmetic surgery is because celebrities make it look like a simple process. The cultural norm is for women to have enormous busts to look fantastic in photographs on magazine covers. Unfortunately, many women are so eager to get a mammoplasty that they do not investigate the risks involved during surgery and afterwards.

Lethal Medication Sensitivities

A breast enlargement is major surgery that requires general and local anesthesia. A knowledgeable anesthesiologist is necessary to avoid complications that can cause respiratory distress that can lead to lung or brain damage. Part of an examination for a mammoplasty must include determining if a patient has sensitivities to medications. Improperly administered anesthesia or painkiller drugs can cause a patient to die due to lack of oxygen to the brain or excessive bleeding. A woman will receive one of more incisions during the surgical procedure to adjust skin and underlying tissue.

Uncomfortable Enormous Busts

The use of breast implants during a mammoplasty is common to enlarge the body parts at least one size. The larger the implants are the more weight is inside the sensitive skin that surrounds the breasts. In addition, saline or silicone prostheses that are too large can make it difficult for a woman to engage in everyday activities. The excess weight on the chest can make it difficult for a woman to breathe while reclining. In addition, women who request larger implants may find it impossible to buy undergarments and clothing that fits correctly. Women undergoing a mammoplasty should listen carefully to their surgeon’s recommendations concerning the size of the prostheses.

Prostheses Eventually Degrade

An implant is placed under the woman’s natural tissue when it is healthy. Many surgeons make a small incision in a woman’s navel to insert an implant into the body to push up under the mammary gland. For women with tumor removal, the surgical process is frequently different with additional incisions on or under the breasts. There are occasionally problems with the prostheses that women must have an awareness of before undergoing the procedure. An important thing to remember is that the prostheses will eventually degrade, requiring complete removal to replace with new devices. The implants can also rupture while inside the body due to a trauma such as a vehicle accident.