Common Brazilian Butt Lift Myths

In the past ten years, the Brazilian butt lift has been on the rise more than any other plastic surgery procedure. If you're wanting a firmer, more lifted buttocks and a smaller waist, don't be dissuaded by the onslaught of myths that are floating around. Get the facts before you go under the knife and you'll be even more pleased with your decision.

Myth: The Brazilian Butt Lift Has to Be Done Under General Anesthesia

Thanks to medical advances, this is no longer true. More advanced surgeons are now able to perform this under local anesthesia and a "twilight sleep", where the patient is awake but unaware of anything going on around them. A lot of doctors avoid general anesthesia because of the predominance of anesthesia related nausea. With the way the patient has to lay during the procedure, it's especially important to avoid any nausea.

Myth: The Brazilian Butt Lift Can't Be Performed on Small/Thin Women

This is mostly false. Surgeons use "donor fat" found on the patient's body to implant into the buttocks. If the woman doesn't have much extra body fat, then obviously there won't be much to put into the butt. Instead, the doctor will have to use a silicon gel to supplement the lack of donor fat available.

Myth: Gaining Weight Before Surgery Will Produce Better Results

Gaining weight will only temporarily increase the size of the fat cells. If you gain 10 pounds before surgery, you'll lose that weight after surgery and your buttocks will go back to their normal size. It will be as if you never even had surgery.

Myth: The Liposuction Will Leave Loose Skin Behind

This can happen with normal weight loss, but if superficial liposuction is done correctly, the skin will remain taught. The skin may even be tighter after surgery because of the way the fat is removed.

Myth: You Can Get a Butt to Rival JLo or Kim Kardashian

A good surgeon will advise his patients to avoid going under the knife for the sake of fashion. A Brazilian butt lift is best suited for people looking to make their buttocks proportional to the rest of their body. If you're hoping for a big butt, that may not be possible, as it really depends on the size of your hips.

Myth: Weight Gain Will Ruin the Surgery

Everyone goes through weight gain spells, and surgeons took this into account when they perfected this procedure. You'll only have a bigger version of the surgically constructed shape. Occasionally, weight gain can make the fat transfer distribute more evenly. You might even end up with a better product after a small amount of weight gain.

Myth: The BBL Costs Less than a Breast Augmentation

Depending on how many places fat has to be removed, the surgery will actually cost about the same amount as a breast augmentation. Average costs run between $8,000 to $13,000.

As with any surgical procedure, there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding them. Take the time to learn exactly what the truth is so you can go into your surgery completely informed on what it entails.