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Too Young for a Breast Reduction? Too Old for a Breast Reduction? Find Out!

Wondering if it’s too early or too late to get a breast reduction? Many seek out breast reductions to address the issues that enlarged breasts bring. Oversized breasts put excess strain on the neck and back, making even the simplest task a literal headache. Mental, physical, and emotional tolls can also be brought on by having to bear the weight of oversized breasts over time.

Luckily, breast reductions are available for those who are having these issues. Breast reductions are a relatively simple procedure that has gained so much popularity in the past 20 years that they’ve now surpassed breast augmentations in the most undergone breast-related procedure.

What are breast reductions?

So, what is a breast reduction exactly? Well, it’s quite simple. Breast reduction, also known as mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure where excess breast fat and skin is removed to lighten the weight of their breasts. This allows for patients to live in a more comfortable manner and more easily partake in all activities.

How are breast reductions done?

During a breast reduction, a surgeon is able to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to shape and lighten the patient’s breasts. Often, when the excess skin is removed, surgeons are able to give the breasts a “lift” so patients are given the added benefit of perkier breasts with their reduction.

Once the procedure is done, patients are put into compression garments (in this case normally some form of a compressional bra) that they’ll have to wear throughout their recovery.

Am I too young for a breast reduction?

In the United States, patients who are under 18 must get consent from a parent or guardian to undergo a breast reduction procedure. This being said, most underaged breast reductions are done out of medical need due to excessively oversized breasts. If you’re young and you’re thinking of getting your breasts reduced, you’re going to need to convince your parent or guardian to sign off on a procedure like this. This means ensuring you are pursuing this procedure because of a real physical, mental and emotional burden due to your oversized breasts.

Surgeons often suggest patients be at least 18 years old (but prefer them to be in their early 20’s) before undergoing a breast reduction surgery to ensure that their breasts have reached full development (have stopped growing) and that the patient is emotionally ready for the changes this procedure brings. If a breast reduction is done during a patient’s teens, there is a chance that they’ll grow back as the patient’s body continues to develop throughout their teenage years into adulthood.

Am I too old for a breast reduction?

In the United States, there is no legal age where a person ages out of the ability to have a breast reduction procedure. In fact, breast reductions are becoming much more popular with older patients since they have most likely have dealt with changes in their breasts size and shape from past pregnancies and/or menopausal hormone changes. Patients who are well into their 70’s are undergoing breast reductions, wishing they’ve done so sooner. As times and science help lengthen the human life span, the age of those who undergo cosmetic surgery is constantly being pushed back as well.

Surgeons just require patients to be generally healthy, prove that the procedure will benefit the patient, and ensure that all of the patient’s assessments (lab work, EKG, and phsyical) come back with good results before performing a breast reduction on any patient, no matter the age. However, this is especially important for older patients as they are more likely to suffer from other conditions (like high or low blood pressure) and any side effects than younger patients.

Have other questions?

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