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Brachioplasty Miami or arms reduction cosmetic surgery, as it is also known, is done in people who have excess fat on the upper arm and loose, sagging skin. Time passes, and the surface in specific areas of our body loses its muscle tone. This procedure is also essential for those people who lost a lot of weight and do not have how to eliminate that tissue in their arm that has been loose and hanging. Most of the time people with drooping forearms, suffer from low self-esteem, tend to have complexes and sometimes limit themselves to wearing specific clothing, because they are very concerned about covering that defect they have.

For those who seek some treatment to correct this error, here we will provide all the information they need. In this article you will be able to cover all your questions, about the specialists you can count on in our clinic, the cost of surgery and other significant issues that you should keep in mind if you want to undergo a Brachioplasty in Miami.

What is Brachioplasty?

A Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that is responsible for remodeling the arms and sometimes extends to the area of connection with the chest wall. This surgery to reduce and lift the arm is very necessary for those people who due to age or a sudden loss of weight have loose skin or excess fat and will not be able to eliminate it through exercise and a balanced diet.

The Brachioplasty Miami has gained great popularity and every day there are more people who undergo this surgery and are satisfied.

Who is a good candidate for arm reduction surgery?

To undergo a Brachioplasty, you must take into account first of all, if you are a realistic, practical and aware of the possible result that you can achieve after this surgical procedure. Of course the assessment and advice of the doctor from the first meeting are essential to decide whether you are able or not to get this treatment.

Some general aspects to take into account would be:

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Benefits of Brachioplasty Miami (Arm Lift)

A person who undergoes Brachioplasty or an arm lift, as this procedure is called, obtains an aesthetic but also functional benefit. Many times when someone has lost weight considerably, and his skin is loose and hanging, usually the rubbing with the thoracic area, causes unwanted skin rashes as well as hinder, lightly operate your arm.

Removing this hanging skin eliminates the possibility of constant friction, and even the movement of the arm improves and looks more elegant. On the other hand, the clothes will adjust and will fit better in your arm after surgery. You will be able to wear clothing that until then you did not dare and this will lead to your self-esteem to improve considerably.

Age is also a factor that significantly influences the arms dropped. After a Brachioplasty, your arms will make you look thinner, younger and more stylized.

Brachioplasty Miami options

A Brachioplasty is a surgery that is performed according to the specific needs of each patient. Different may be the reasons why an individual undergoes an arm lift, so there will also be different types of incision and methods for this arms reduction.

To a large extent, this will depend on the cause of your flaccidity and loss of tone; and the final objective that the patient wants.

At Adore Plastic Surgery, from the first consultation, we will be very attentive to your wishes, to your priorities and together we will find the best method so that you feel happy and sure of the result you will get.

The needs of each patient are different, so the stretching and reduction of the arm are carefully customized to meet the needs of patients.

The size and type of incision can be modified as necessary to achieve the desired effects and optimal aesthetic improvement. We will discuss the exact nature of your surgery during the consultation process.

Standard Brachioplasty (Standard Arm Lift)

During this type of arms reduction surgery, an incision will be made that will usually extend from the armpits to the inside of the arms to remove excess fat and skin, which are found in the underlying muscles. It is likely that a drain is placed under the incision to drain fluid that may accumulate and delay healing or cause complications. The incisions will be carefully closed to minimize the scar and not be very visible after the operation.

Extended Brachioplasty (Extended Arm Lift)

An arm lift with axillary extension is ideal for people who are older, and for those, that excess skin extends to the thoracic area. Some patients underwent a drastic change of diet or a gastric Bypass operation, and the excess tissue is much more extensive and reaches the parallel area of the breasts, in this case, it is necessary to make a more extensive incision on the inner side of his arms.

While the scars of extended Brachioplasty are long, many patients feel that their arms and figure will look much better and are willing to change an injury for faster, firmer arms that do not have that excess of hanging skin.

Mini Brachioplasty (Mini Arm Lift)

For patients with excess skin hanging near the armpits, or for those who have excess fat but quite good skin elasticity, a limited incision Brachioplasty (or mini Brachioplasty) may be an excellent option. This procedure uses liposuction for a minimally invasive removal and excess skin remaining can be removed through a small incision in the armpit.

Laser Liposuction combined with Arm Reduction

During this procedure, the doctor first makes some small incisions where he will place cannulas that disintegrate the fat clusters. Through these cannulas, the fat that is already diluted is aspirated. Then the skin is readjusted and sutures are finally made.

The combination of these two procedures has a very favorable effect. In fact it is proven that after going through this brachioplasty with laser lipo the healing time benefits and there are fewer bruises and inflammations.

Planning before an Arm Lift surgery

In the stage of preparation for a Brachioplasty, you should bear in mind that there are specific indications that you must follow so that the day of surgery and then in the postoperative stage has no complications.

It is recommended that you stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery. You cannot consume alcohol. You cannot take aspirin or another anticoagulant, as it can be dangerous during surgery. He cannot have used drugs. He must be calm and relaxed. Your physical and psychological conditions must be optimal.

Brachioplasty procedure at Adore Plastic Surgery

At Adore Plastic Surgery we believe that all stages of a cosmetic surgery treatment are important and are focused on achieving an excellent result and that there are no complications.

When you attend our clinic, from the first consultation, the specialist, in addition to asking for a medical summary, will evaluate your physical condition. It will take into account the reasons why you need a Brachioplasty. The type of skin you have, the amount of fat or tissue that needs to be extracted. Which surgery is best suited to your situation. And he will ask you to start preparing for the day of surgery.

How Reduction mammoplasty is performed;

You must stop smoking. You will not be able to consume alcohol, and you will have to take into account the other recommendations that the cosmetic surgeon requires.

On the day of the arm lift, you will enter the clinic ahead of time. It will be changed with the attire that will be given in our facilities, and the local or general anesthesia will be applied. Options include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. The doctor will recommend the best option for the patient. Almost always local anesthesia is used in these cases.

The doctor will mark on your arm the type of incision and the way in which it will proceed. You will perform the surgery depending on what you have decided in advance with the patient. At the end of the sutures, apply a sterile dressing and place a compression garment on the arms to help to heal and reduce swelling and bruising, in the post-operative stage.

Hours later you can return to your home. You are advised to come with a friend or relative, so you do not have to drive back home.

Brachioplasty recovery process

Patients also have the option to stay at our clinic (Adore Plastic Surgery) for a better recovery.

Once the arm lift has been completed, compression bandages should be worn for a few weeks to help reduce inflammation. You will be given specific instructions on how to treat the wound and drains, the medications you must take to help to heal and when the next follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon would be.

Over the course of approximately two weeks, the pain should slowly decrease. You can return to work in one or two weeks and start driving in approximately four or five weeks.

After about a month, you can slowly return to physical activity, exercise and lifting heavy objects.

The patient will see the final results when the scars have matured. This usually takes four to six months.

Potential risks involved in an Arm Lift procedure

Currently, the risks to be taken into account after a Brachioplasty are very few, the technique has advanced so much and today's surgeons have specialized in such procedures that it is complicated for a patient to suffer from these adverse damages. But that does not mean that there is the possibility of suffering from any of them.

According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the risks of an arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) include:

These risks and others will be fully discussed before your consent.

Choose a brachioplasty surgeon in your area

In our clinic, we are very rigorous with our specialists. All have the proper documentation and are highly qualified for the different cosmetic treatments. But people who want to do an arm lift or any other aesthetic procedure believe that they have the right to do an investigation on their part and if they need more information because they request it and we will be at your total disposal.

We advise you to seek the accreditation of doctors that they investigate in their finished studies, in their previous surgeries.

In Adore Plastic Surgery, doctors show images of surgeries already completed so that patients can by themselves verify the skill of surgeons. If you have any questions or any questions during the whole process, the doctors will always be attentive to cover any issue that may arise.

How much does a Brachioplasty cost?

Several factors will always condition the cost of a Brachioplasty Miami. It will depend on the type of arm lift that will be performed, if this procedure is combined with another cosmetic treatment. Where the clinic is located, where the procedure will be done, the specialist's fees, etc.

The average cost of an arm lift is $ 4,257, according to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The cost of an arm lift Miami can vary widely. The average fee mentioned above does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

At Adore Plastic Surgery we understand that not all people can afford a procedure of this type, so we provide financing plans. The Care Credit, in which it has to be approved previously. The "Lay Away Plan," in which you have to deposit $ 500 and then you can pay in installments with a 0% interest.

If you have any concerns about financing or any other questions, the first consultation is free, call us at 305 262 8347.

FAQs Breast Reduction Miami

How long is a Brachioplasty?

This procedure usually takes one to two hours to complete.

What can I expect during recovery?

You will have to swell during the first two weeks, as well as some bruising. Most people do not have much pain and will wear a compression garment for a few days to help with healing. Most patients return to work after a week.

How long will the results of the Brachioplasty last?

This surgery has lasting results. Patients should maintain a healthy weight after the operation so that the contour of the stylized arms does not change.

What are the risks of this surgery?

This surgery is quite safe and effective. As with any surgical procedure, however, there are risks. The complications that can occur are bruising, scars, bleeding, and loss of sensitivity.

Could I be an ideal candidate?

If you have suffered a significant weight loss as a result of a diet or after a gastric bypass surgery and your health is right, you should consider it. Or if you have excess skin on the inside of your arms and you have a stable weight, you can also come to Adore Plastic Surgery.

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