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Breast Implant Size - Choosing the Right Size for Breast Augmentation

Patients inclined to undergo breast augmentation surgery usually want to enhance the size of their natural breasts. It sounds simple enough, simply choose the size of breast you have always envisioned yourself having, right? Simply wanting larger breasts is not enough.

As patients research breast implants, they will find a myriad of information which many had never taken into account before. At Adore Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves in educating potential breast augmentation candidates with as much accurate information regarding their selected breast augmentation methods prior to scheduling a consultation.

Potential breast augmentation candidates are encouraged to take into account their weight, height, frame, and overall body composition when determining the ideal breast implant size.

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what Size Breast Implants for Me?

Starting with different bra sizes is a good jumping off point, but bear in mind that bra sizes fluctuate between brands. Throughout the sizing process, your surgeon will take into account your breast enhancement objectives, and may begin by measuring the width of your natural breast to determine which implant size would work best with your diameter.

Your surgeon will discuss several factors which will impact the end result of your breast augmentation surgery; the profile, breast implant size, and the shape of implant you choose may yield drastically different result despite the fact that the size is the same.

The majority of patients want a conservative natural look, however, each individual is different and some want a more dramatic change.

Breast Implant Sizes A, B, C, or cc?

When considering breast implant surgery, you will inevitably begin to think in terms of volume, not cup size. While the patient’s initial request may be “I want a full C cup”, this line of thinking can leave a lot to be desired when considering the size of breast implants that will help you obtain your ideal look.

Breast augmentation implant size is measured in cubic centimeters, or cc’s. For example, 200 cc’s, a popular size choice among breast augmentation patients who want a more subtle look, this size is about the same size as a large lemon; 300 cc’s, is about the same as a large orange, and 400 cc’s closely resembles the size of a grapefruit.

Breast augmentation implant size is measured in cubic centimeters, or cc’s. For example, 200 cc’s, a popular size choice among breast augmentation patients who want a more subtle look, is about the same size as a large lemon; 300 cc’s, is about the same as a large orange, and 400 cc’s closely resembles the size of a grapefruit.

Bigger is better… right?!

Not exactly. While we do see the odd patient who wants to undergo a more dramatic transformation, there are other factors which will heavily influence the overall result of your breast augmentation size. One determining factor is the breast implant profile, which determines exactly how much your implant projects forward from the chest.

The size and placement of your breast implants can also impact the appearance of your breasts augmentation without necessarily increasing the volume of the implant. While your initial impulse may be to strive for “big and sexy”, larger implants run the risk of rippling, as well as being uncomfortable and unwieldy for your frame.

Breast Implant Profiles

Breast Implant Size - Others Factors to Consider:

Body and Shape:

By far the most sought after breast implant size is a C cup. For example, if the patient wears an A cup prior to surgery, in order to reach a C cup, the A cup patient would needs upwards of 350 cc’s per implant. The skilled surgeons at Adore Plastic Surgery consider the patient’s height, weight, breast width, breast height, distance between nipple and breast fold, while keeping the patient’s goals in mind to achieve the best possible results.

With a goal of obtaining natural looking results from the breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon needs to evaluate many aspects such as fleshy tissue exposure, skin slackness, chest wall breadth, and breast implant width, the shape of the breasts and comparative amount of restriction to ensure that the breast implants are suitable for the patient’s body figure.


The average age to have breast implant surgery in the United States is between ages 20 and 35. While there are many factors to take into account before scheduling a breast implant surgery, one to pay particular close attention to is whether or not the patient intends on having children after they have the surgery. Pregnancy, as well as breast feeding may impact breast implants by changing the shape of the breast, resulting in the need for additional corrective surgeries down the line.

Medical History:

Surgeons will also take into account the patient’s medical history, and overall health. Different surgeons have different allowable body mass index or BMI requirements and will not operate on patients who do not fall into these criteria. For the patient’s safety, most surgeons ask that they quit smoking, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle for about three months prior to surgery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and after any surgical procedure will improve the patient’s recovery time and drastically reduce the risks associated with surgery.

The end result of your breast augmentation surgery depends on many factors. Aside from volume, composition, and placement, there are different shapes to consider as well.

Breast Implant Profiles

The projection of a breast implant, or profile, is how much the implant comes straight forward from the chest cavity wall. Profiles can range from low projection all the way up to extra high and greatly impact the shape and look of you breast implants.

Use the Rice Test for Breast Implants Sizing

While you are considering breast implant sizes, one method to consider is the “rice test”. A simple experiment you can carry out in the privacy of your own home, simply fill old pantyhose, sandwich bags, or socks with the amount of rice which is comparable to the size implant you are considering. Be sure to secure the rice implant with a tight knot, and then place the faux implants into a sports bra.

This can give you a clearer idea of what size is right for you. Try on different style tops, and make sure to evaluate your overall body contour with the sizers in place.

Envision yourself in different scenarios with your new breast implants, try jumping, squatting, bending over, and throwing your head back laughing, and gauge your comfort level. This simple at home test will prepare you for your pre-operatory evaluation and allow you clearly convey the exact measurement you want to your surgeon and pre-operative team.

Ask for a Test Drive

Choosing the right size the first time around will diminish the need for re-operation down the road. Select the cup size you desire, and ask your doctor for “implant sizers” that fit your potential bra. Try on different sizes of breast implant sizers and envision yourself at the size, without padding or inserts.

Be conscious of the added weight of the implant as you will have an adjustment period. Will the size of breast implant you are considering fit in to your lifestyle? You may surprise yourself during the sizing process and opt for a different size after getting a feel for another breast implant size.

Choose your Breast Implant Size at Adore Plastic Surgery

The consultation

Be realistic. By now you should know that your doctor, no matter how skilled and renowned, is a medical professional, not a psychic. The more information you provide to convey the breast implant sizes you wish to achieve via your breast augmentation, the more options your doctor can explore with you. Bring pictures, a bathing suit top you hope to fill out after your breast implant surgery, and most importantly, a list of questions to ask the doctor during the initial consultation.

The consultation process is your opportunity to interview potential doctors to perform your breast enhancement procedure. The American Society of Plastic Surgery offers a checklist of questions to ask a doctor during the initial consultation.

Sizes of breast implants are measured in volume, not cup size. Other factors such as composition and projection will play a large role in getting the best looking breasts. Your initial cup size and the width of your natural breast determine the variety of breast implant shapes and sizes will yield the best results. When you ask yourself “What size breast implants should I get?”

Breast Implant Sizes: The Botton Line

Deciding to get a breast augmentation can be a positive step, though one not to be taken lightly. Arm yourself with information, especially when it comes to deciding the size of breast implant which is right for you. Knowing the cup size you wish to reach with your breast augmentation is a logical starting point, which will help determine the shape, constitution, and breast implant size to opt for.

Start by using the Rice Test for Breast Implants Sizing and knowing which size is best for the look you desire. Try on different blouses and look at yourself from different angles, before settling on the size which works best physically and for your lifestyle.

Choosing the right surgeon is equally as important as choosing the right size. Thanks largely to living in the information age, patients considering breast augmentation can browse thousands of before and after photos, see read about patient experiences and even ask the doctor questions directly, all before booking a physical consultation.

When you finally decide to take the next step and schedule a pre-operative screening at Adore Plastic Surgery, make sure that you seriously think about the size, shape, and composition of the breast implant you have in mind. Take into consideration your natural body shape, natural breast size, and go with a surgeon you can trust.

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