In the majority of cases, women who opt for breast implants are thrilled with the results. However, there are instances where women must have their breast implants removed. Sometimes, the patient changes her mind. Sometimes, there is a problem with the breast implant itself, or a woman may choose to replace her current implants with an innovative new style.

Largest Breast Implants

Breast Implants removal in Miami

When selecting breast implants, size matters. The largest breast implants come with the greatest risk of problems, which might include the following.

  • Breast asymmetry: Initially, the implants will look evenly matched, but after the swelling subsides, they may look out of balance or lopsided.
  • Implant deflation: Leakage is more common among the largest breast implants. Women who notice that one or both of her implants is deflating should consult a physician. This is especially important if the implants contain silicone.
  • Problems breast feeding: After receiving breast implants, some women have less sensitivity in their breasts, which makes breast feeding difficult. In some cases, the implant interferes with the flow of milk.
  • Pain: Most patients experience some pain, but a small number experience tremendous discomfort from the surgery. They may decide that keeping the implants is not worth the agony.

Breast Implants Gone Wrong

A search of the Internet will result in plenty of stories of breast implants gone wrong. These problems can range from discomfort to disfigurement. If a surgeon does a poor job when positioning the implants, the results can influence the patient's attitude, lifestyle and health. Even if the procedure was performed by a talented plastic surgeon, most women with breast implants should expect to have them replaced sometime during their life.

The reasons for having your breast implants replaced could include any of the following issues.

  • Drooping: Your breast implants will eventually be affected by gravity. If they begin to droop, most women have them replaced with a newer style.
  • Shifting: It's not uncommon for breast implants to shift position, which is sometimes accompanied by pain. Shifting upsets the natural appearance of implants but is easily corrected by replacing the implants.
  • Hardening: Hardening of the implants might occur if the implant shifts and tightens. As the implant changes position, the breast will progressively become harder.

Tales about breast implants gone wrong have a happy ending. Remove and replace the implant.

Teardrop Breast Implants

A teardrop implant is another name for gummy or cohesive gel implants. They are the latest trend in implant science. Teardrop breast implants are less likely to rupture than saline or silicone implants. If they do rupture, they tend to remain shapely until they can be replaced.

Women with liquid-filled implants should watch for symptoms that their implants are leaking.

  • Hardening of the implant or breast
  • Breast pain
  • Hard spots or lumps beside the breast

Breast implants can develop a leak from everyday activities like opening a heavy door, carrying groceries or picking up a child. Lifting weights, yoga or other strenuous exercise can also pinch the implant and cause a leak if an implant moves too far downward or is pushed too high. Teardrop implants have fine texturing on the surface, which helps to prevent them from shifting, rotating or deforming.

Teardrop breast implants look more natural than liquid-filled implants. They flatter the curves and silhouette of the breast. They look best when the patient is standing. They can be placed above or beneath the pectoral muscles. Patients who choose to have them placed below the muscle have fewer problems with shifting or drooping. However, people with an active lifestyle usually decide to have their implants placed above the muscle.

High Profile Breast Implants

For women who want maximum size, high profile breast augmentation are the best option. They've been in use since the 1990s because they provide natural curves and a lovely bust line. They also reduce unsightly wrinkles and ripples thanks to a better fit.

How far the breast projects from the chest wall is called the breast implant profile. High profile breast implants project farther from the chest wall than other types of implants due to a narrower base diameter. They can have a round or a teardrop shape and are measured by volume in cubic centimeters. The narrow base means the implant only requires as much fill as a smaller implant.

Doctors frequently recommend them for people choosing breast enlargement while they are having a mastoplexy. They are also the best choice for women with small frames who want to enlarge their breasts greatly. If an implant with a large base is used, it could get pinched beneath the natural breast. A narrow base blends in better with the naturally narrower features found on a smaller woman. This gives the woman large, beautiful breasts and a natural appearance.

If breast implant removal is necessary, surgeons will recommend the best technology available to get the finest possible results.

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