Reduction mammoplasty which is also known as a Breast Reduction is a type of cosmetic procedure in which is used to reduce or remove the excess skin, tissue and fat from the breast.

Breast Reduction Fort Lauderdale

The women who seek to have this cosmetic procedure performed are the women who have experiences the effect of the weight from the over-sized breasts. Having breasts which are over sized can cause a few physical symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include back and neck pain, profound strap marks, and possibly even breaking the skin which causes infection and irritation.

Most women who have received a Breast Reduction have experienced their self confidence be restored and restore the proportion of their body. Although this procedure is generally done for women, men with the conditions of Gynecomastia which is enlarged male breasts, may also get a Breast Reduction.

Breast Reduction Benefits

One of the problems many women face with large breasts is the unwelcome attention and comments from their peers. A Breast Reduction will aid the women who face the problems. The first thing a Breast Reduction will alleviate is the habitual pain and the self consciousness. Another benefit this procedure has is reducing the size of the enlarged areolas, the drooping breasts and the stretched skin.

Overall, the women who have received this cosmetic procedure have accomplished positive life changes. mposition, reduction amount desired, personal preferences and the surgeon's recommendation.

How long does the effect of Breast Reduction last?

After the procedure, the size of the breasts should remain the same. However, within time gravity and age might alter the shape and size of every woman’s breasts. Some of the things that influence the breasts within time are pregnancy, skin quality, great deal of exercise without proper support, weight loss and weight gain.

How does it work?

The purpose of the Breast Reduction is to alter the size of the breasts. This is done by leaving behind some surrounding breast tissue. After the excess skin and breast tissue has been removed, the skin that is left is then reshaped to create the new breasts. The position of the nipples is also raised with this procedure.

Types of Breast Reduction Fort Lauderdale

There are a various amount of Breast Reduction Surgery techniques. The type of technique that is used depends on the shape and size of the breast that is being reduced. Some of the most common types include:

  • Vertical Scar Technique: This technique leaves the least amount scars and is minimally invasive. The surgeon will make a circular laceration around the areola and down the breasts. After the laceration has been made, tissue will be removed and the nipple will be lifted a few millimeters. The surgeon then collects the remaining folds and stitches the outer and inner portions of the breast which creates a support structure. However, this is not the best option when reducing very large breast lines.

  • Horizontal Scar Technique: This technique is generally used on women who suffer from Macromastia. The technique consists of 3 lacerations and is the most invasive of all the techniques. The first laceration is made around the circumference of the areola. The second laceration is made below the areola in a vertical position and extends downward toward the lower part of the breasts, and the last of the incisions is made horizontally below the breasts which connects to the vertical laceration. These lacerations connect to form the shape of an anchor, which is why this technique is known as the inverted T or anchor incision pattern. This technique is generally used for women with larger breasts which allows the surgeon to remove larger amounts of tissue.

  • Free Nipple Graft Technique: If the woman is looking to lose the volume from her breasts without the scars and the chance of complications, this is the best technique to serve that purpose. This technique is done by liposuctioning the same amount of fat from both breasts leaving them symmetrical. At the time of the procedure the blood vessels are preserved and the recovery time is lessened.

Breast Reduction Risks

Just as any other cosmetic procedure, there are risks to having a Breast Reduction. Some of these risks include:

  • Fat Necrosis
  • Constant Pain
  • Infection
  • Accumulation of Fluid
  • Bleeding (Hematoma)

It is crucial to contact your doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • Fever above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the first sign of infection
  • Unexpected drainage, redness, swelling, or puss
  • Complications with stitches such as them falling out before they are scheduled to be removed

Preparations prior to Breast Reduction Fort Lauderdale

Prior to having a Breast Reduction Surgery, there are preoperative tests that must be performed such as chest X-ray, mammograms, blood tests which is done by a phebotomist, and any other tests that may be required by the surgeon. Additional to the tests the patient must quit smoking one month prior to the procedure in order to assist with the healing process. Any medications such as aspirin, blood thinners, or herbal treatments should also be stopped prior to surgery unless directed otherwise by the doctor. Any further instructions will be provided by the surgeon.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Although there are many different techniques for this procedure, these techniques involve the removal of the excess skin, tissue and the lift of the nipple. The procedure generally takes two to five hours. After the Anesthesiologist has sedated the patient the surgeon will then etch the area in order to eliminate the excess skin and fat then place the drainage tubes beneath the skin in order to eliminate any excess fluid of blood that may collect. Finally, the support bra or elastic bandages will be put on in order to minimize the swelling and support the breasts throughout the healing process.

Breast Reduction Recovery

The time on recovery varies from patient to patient due to the fact that there are many factors that can affect this. Full recovery can take anywhere between a few weeks to a month. After the procedure there will be discomfort which will be treated by the doctor in order to have a smooth recovery.

Depending on how quickly the wounds heal will determine the amount of time that is spent on wearing the dressings. If the stitches do not dissolve, the clinic will remove the stitches for you. It is crucial that you attend the follow up appointments.

The surgeons of your choice will advise you when it is possible to resume normal activities and return to work. It is crucial to stay away from any heavy lifting or stretching for up to six weeks.

Breast Reduction Cost

Generally, a breast reduction surgery cost is between $3600 to $8000. The reason for the large range of price is because there are many factors that influence the criterion such as length of surgery, and breast size. Additional to this surgery many patients also like to have a Breast Lift performed which can increase the price of the surgery.

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