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What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or browplasty, aims to reverse the effects of aging by tightening the tissues of the forehead to create a more youthful contour on the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids.

There are several methods for this procedure that involve various length incisions in different areas and sometimes, and endoscope.

A rested youthful eyebrow is positioned right above the orbital rim with a gradual arch and the tail located a little higher than the medial end.

As an individual ages, gravity takes its toll and the brow assumes a flatter and more horizontal position. For those who have inhibited facial expressions due to sagging brows, a brow-lift is a great method to rejuvenate the upper part of the face. Thousands of patients every year undergo a successful brow lift Miami procedure and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Adore Plastic Surgery has a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons who perform several surgical procedures that help stretch the skin of the forehead along with along with elevation of the eyebrows.

Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery

There are many benefits to having facial surgery including improved confidence and self-esteem. Other benefits of undergoing a brow lift include:

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Different types of brow lift surgery

The brow-lift procedure has had various technological advances in the last decade going from open techniques to shorter incisions and the use of endoscopes. Typically, the incision for a brow-lift is in the scalp, but for other techniques incisions are made on the upper eyelids and/or forehead. The type of brow-lift chosen depends on the patient’s aesthetic preferences and facial features.

Endoscopic brow lift

The endoscopic technique is much less invasive with minimal incisions made in the scalp. The surgeon uses a long thin tube called an endoscope, to see and work on various internal structures in the forehead.

Lateral Brow Lift/Temporal brow lift

Adore Plastic Surgery has an expert team of plastic surgeons who can perform eyebrow lifting through traditional endoscopic methods where a small incision is placed on each side on the scalp above the level of the eyebrows and an endoscope is then inserted through the incisions. Then off to a greater or lesser extent the skin and muscles of the frontal bone to release the queue eyebrow. The skin is tightened, the excess skin is resected, the incisions are closed and the brow lift. It is a minor procedure and suitable for patients with mild and facial aging.

Classic / Coronal Brow Lift

For this technique, an incision is made along the hairline or in the crease of the forehead where the surgeon will lift the skin from the underlying tissue. The surgeon then removes the fat and loosens the muscles. The excess skin is removed; the remaining skin is pulled down and stitched into its new position. This technique is often referred to as the classic, trichophytic or coronal brow lift.

Mini Brow Lift

This technique is a hybrid of both procedures. Therefore, it is non-endoscopic but has very minimal incisions. It utilizes a small section of the coronal incision to raise the outside section of the eyebrows with direct vision and no endoscope. The scar is easily hidden under the temporal hairline, even with balding men. This technique is most effective in removing wrinkles from the corners of the eyes (‘crow’s feet’) rather than the center of the brow.

Difference between Brow lift and other facial cosmetic procedures

Difference between Brow lift and other facial cosmetic procedures

Despite its actually name, a facelift may leave patients under the impression that is a surgery that corrects wrinkles and aging around the whole face. However, a facelift mainly treats wrinkles on the bottom half of the face provided that the incisions lead to the back of the ear to the neck.

The brow lift aims to raise the brows to a better symmetry and eliminate wrinkles along the top of the head. It specifically targets the stubborn wrinkles located in between the eyebrows. Both procedures aim to reduce aging symptoms and wrinkles by extracting excess skin; however, they differ in the areas they target and the method in which they are performed.

Summary of the procedures listed below:

Forehead Lift- Forehead lifts are performed via incisions at the scalp, hairline, ear, and neck. There are various different methods in which the facelift can be performed which include:

Face Lift Incisions can be:

Face Lift Goals: the ultimate goal is to shorten the forehead skin and size by way of moving the hairline forward to eliminate a high hairline. Another primary outcome of this procedure is to in turn “lift” the eyebrows when the forehead skin is extracted and risen.

Brow Lift: A brow lift is a procedure which its primary goal is to only elevate the eye brows. To small degree the forehead will also be lifted; however, the technique and incision differs highly from the forehead lift which includes:

Brow lift Miami candidates

Below are some reasons why patients may want to consider a brow lift:

The best candidates for this procedure, as with any other cosmetic procedure, are those who are in good general health and have a realistic expectations and a positive attitude.

Adore Plastic Surgery recommends this type of surgery for all those men and women who have sagging eyebrows and want to improve uniformity in their face. Also for those who do not wish to apply Botox or other temporary solutions to their face. Booking an appointment with a board-certified surgeon is the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for the brow lift procedure.

Summary of Ideal Candidates for this procedure:

Your initial brow lift consultation

In the first consultation, our plastic surgeons assess your wellbeing while also illustrate the vast majority of techniques available for the brow procedure. Furthermore they will demonstrate the different surgical techniques, such as the coronal forehead lift, the overall browlift, the mini browlift, and endoscopic brow lift.

After the patient has decided with the surgeon which method will be best for them, you will be asked to fill out all the pre-operative responsibilities. This includes but is not limited to laboratory blood work, drug testing, physical examination, and previous physicals with general doctors.

The patient will be spoken to on the importance of discounting smoking before undergoing any cosmetic surgery

It’s vital to stop smoking auto in the recent past forehead lift plastic surgery. The patient will also be advised to eliminate smoking at least two to four weeks prior to surgery, and discontinue the use of aspirin, ibuprofen and herbal medications at least a week prior to surgery. The surgeon may also discuss how to calm pre surgery anxiety.

The brow lift surgeons will explain which type of anesthesia we use for these cases, which range from local anesthesia, sedation, to general anesthesia.

Planning before a brow lift procedure

The surgeon will provide a list of preoperative instructions, take a detailed medical history, perform a physical exam, and answer any questions about the procedure.

Below are some instructions to follow before a brow-lift:

Some patients experience difficulty sleeping due to the fact that patients cannot lie on their stomach or side after this facial procedure. Therefore, doctors recommend that patients sleep on their side or back through the help of body pillows to provide adequate support until the face is fully healed.

Patients may need to refrain from work for a week to recover while others return within a few days. This all depends on the type of work load and the patient’s healing progress. However, patients are prescribed with pain medication to help manage any possible discomfort.

Postoperative care and Recovery at Adore Plastic Surgery

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the surgeon will discuss with each patient how long the recovery will be and when it is okay to return to work and normal level of activity. After surgery, patients will receive details instructions on how to manage normal symptoms, how to care for the incision, and potential signs of complications.

It is extremely important to follow all instructions provided by the doctor and be aware and ready to endure the full recovery period in order to yield the best results.

Right after your brow lift patients should:

Risks associated with a brow lift Miami surgery:

It is fairly uncommon for patients to experience significant risks or complications from this procedure. This surgery is typically performed without any major issues. But just like any other cosmetic procedure, there are some complications that patients should be aware of. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will go through a list of all the possibilities.

Some of these potential complications include:

In order to minimize the chances and avoid these risks, patients should follow all instructions provided by the surgeon before and after surgery. Failure to do so may results health issues or altered results.

How much does a brow lift cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a brow lift lies around $3,500. This price varies depending on the surgeon, the geographic area, and the technique in which the procedure is performed. Due to the fact that this is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover the cost of the surgery, but financing plans are typically available.

For more information on pricing, it is best to contact us through chat or give us a call.

The ASPS states that:

“The average cost of a brow lift is $3,403, according to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Brow lift surgery costs can vary widely. The average fee referenced above does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. A surgeon's fee will be based on his or her experience, the type of procedure used, and the geographic office location.”

Cost of Brow rejuvenation surgery at Adore Plastic Surgery includes:

At Adore Plastic Surgery, we understand that paying for the brow lift procedure may not be a possible option for many of our patients. This is why we offer a variety financing plans through systems like Care Credit in which the patient would need to be pre-approved. We also accept in-house payment plans that only require a minimum deposit. Patients can also take advantage of Our “Lay Away Plan” which requires a minimum deposit of $500 at a 0% interest rate!

If you are interested in the Brow Lift Miami life-changing procedure, call Adore Plastic Surgery at (954) 546-7655 so that you can embrace your beauty once again!

FAQs Brow Lift Miami

What are the advantages of undergoing coronal browlift South Florida?

Undergoing a coronal brow lift has many advantages since this procedure achieves durable results. In addition to raising eyebrows, it also addresses reduces forehead wrinkles, rejuvenating the entire area. Despite being the most durable procedure achieving durable results, they can be lost over time, as the skin in the area is being stretched and the natural aging process together with the force exerted by the tissues nearby push the eyebrows down.

What are the brow lift Miami disadvantages?

This is the most invasive of all surgical procedures to raise the eyebrows. Although the scar is hidden underneath the hair, over the years, if the hair is lost in these areas there could be a noticeable scar. However, it all depends on the patient’s healing process. If hair falls out scars will show. Depending on the size of the scar it may go unnoticed or noticed. Usually the scar area is an area where no hair grows so it looks like a hairless white line. Postoperative recovery can be long, much longer than other procedures.

What type of anesthesia is used during eyebrow lift surgery?

Local anesthesia and sedation is used but most cases require general anesthesia. You can discuss these things with your doctor during your initial consultation, depending on what you wanted to accomplish.

What results can be expected from the brow lift?

You can change your appearance in any direction you want. It will look aesthetically beautiful and young. Before you decide that surgery is the best option for you, think carefully about what your expectations are and speak with one our plastic surgeons at Adore Plastic Surgery.

Is an eyebrow lift surgery right for me?

First you will observe the presence of frontal wrinkles between the brows level and then check if the droopy eyebrows that looks tired.

What is purpose of a browlift surgery?

It helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, improves the position of the eyebrows when they are down to a more youthful position and improves the patient’s visual field when associated with drooping of the upper eyelid in severe cases.

Are there any scars left after a brow lift?

During browlift surgery the surgeon makes small incisions at the top of the patient’s forehead so it remains concealed by the hair. It’s barely noticeable.

How long do I need to get back to work?

You will need only two weeks, but many patients have returned to work in less time.

What are the advantages of direct eyebrow lift?

Some benefits of natural brow lift Florida is that it has a faster recovery with fewer and smaller incisions and scars, minor swelling in the area and less postoperative pain, being a closed technique.

Can asymmetry of brows and eyes be corrected through this procedure?

To an extent, the brow lift aims to raise the brows to a better symmetry and eliminate wrinkles along the top of the head. In order to accurately determine if your asymmetry can be corrected through a brow lift procedure, schedule a consultation with one of the highly trained surgeons at Adore Plastic Surgery for more information.

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