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Deciding to get butt implants or butt enhancement is a personal decision that can be life changing. Here's a breakdown of cosmetic enhancements that can lead you to having the backside of your greatest desires!

Butt implants or buttock augmentation is the plastic surgery and lipo sculpture cosmetic procedure that corrects congenital, defects, and deformities of the gluteal region. Buttocks augmentation can simply help your gluteus region look better and solve many self-esteem issues through aesthetic enhancement and contour of the gluteus.

Getting butt implants Miami corrects and repairs the buttock area including buttock emplacement through a butt implant, and lipo sculpture, which perfects the buttock area through the correction of a particular defect or deformity of the gluteal region. This plastic surgery can be performed to men and women.

At Adore Plastic Surgery Miami, we provide patients who wish to acquire butt implants with the best care and the best team of specialized plastic surgeons in Florida and South Florida.

Candidates for Butt Implants

When it comes to butt implants and discovering whether or not you are the among the perfect candidates for butt implants, there are a few factors to consider. Making a decision to undergo this procedure is a huge step towards high self esteem, especially in an area such as that of Miami.

This cosmetic procedure not only adds to one's self worth, but it also aids in any undesirable deformities that you would rather not have.

Here is a list of characteristics that are essential in an ideal candidate for butt implants. It is important, however, to consult a surgeon about whether or not this procedure suits you for that is always the best way to know if you are an ideal candidate butt implants Miami.

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An Initial Consultation with a Butt Implant Surgeon

There are a few things to keep in mind when walking into an initial consultation with a butt implant surgeon for buttocks enhancement. The consultation for butt implants Miami is a time to ask a Adore Plastic Surgery surgeon any questions or concerns you may have.

The more you understand walking into the initial consultation, the better this first meeting will be for you and for the surgeon. At the end of the day, meeting with a top of the line surgeon is what matters the most, which you can get at Adore Plastic Surgery.

“Buttock augmentation surgery should be performed in an accredited outpatient or ambulatory surgical center or a hospital.” - American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Some good questions to ask in the initial consultation is what will be expected of you in order to acquire the best results after recovering from butt enhancement surgery. Other good questions that create clarity and confidence in the procedure are as followed:

Your Butt Implant Surgery Options

There are a variety of surgery options when it comes to getting butt implants in Miami. It is extremely important to consult a plastic surgeon in order to see what butt implant surgery is right for you, but research before the initial consultation most definitely helps in the decision making process.

Ultimately, it is your decision which route you would like to take in terms of the methods of butt augmentation. There are two types of butt enhancement procedures in order to get the curvy, beautiful backside of your greatest desire: butt implants or fat injections or fat transfers.

Everybody is different and everyone's idea of beauty is different as well. With Adore Plastic Surgery, you're guaranteed a seamless consultation that will not only educate you on the procedure, but you will get an in-depth description of each stage of the procedure, recovery, and the results you deserve.

For a consultation today, call us at call Adore Plastic Surgery at (954) 546-7655!

Types of Butt Implants

Butt implants are used for augmentation and enlargement of the buttocks as well as the reconstruction of the back end to achieve a symmetrical, desirable, attractive look. Since butt implants are typically placed under the fascia—the fibrous lining the encompasses the gluteal muscles—your implant choice is important.

The implant may also be placed in the intramuscular plane, which is inside the gluteus maximus itself. This second option is used for patients who have low body fight and are generally thin.

There tends to be multiple styles of implants that achieve either a rounder look, a perkier look, or a lifter look. Overall, both implant options are safe and effective and provide the results that anyone seeking buttocks augmentation strive for.

Butt Implants vs Fat Transfers

This procedure is performed in order to enhance and beautify the curvature of the gluteus in order to acquire the feminine buttocks and hips that you desire for yourself. Buttock implants is the solution and gateway to gaining the curvy body that you wish and the "derriere" of your dreams

Gluteal implants are made to handle the human weight as well as the pressure that ensues when walking. The silicone gel implants that are use for this procedure are of high density and cohesiveness. People with buttock implants must not engage in intramuscular injections in the gluteus area.

The best way to make a good choice is to consult with our plastic surgeon specialized in butt implants in Miami, who according to his experience and knowledge, can advise the best alternative.

Fat transfers buttock augmentation has to do with taking the fat out of an area of the body and injecting it into the butt so that a natural look is achieved. If one has low body fat, butt implants are the alternative.

Also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift fat injection method, the benefits include minimal scarring, a shorter amount of recovery time, softer consistency in skin, and more.

It's not about butt implants vs fat transfers; it's honestly about the unity of the two together.

Preparing for a Butt Implants Miami Procedure

During your consultation with one of our experienced plastic/cosmetic surgeons, you will receive specific directions when it comes to do what to do pre-op—before the surgery—and post-op—after the surgery.

It is important to avoid aspirin, herbal supplements, and garlic due to the fact that it may cause more bleeding if bruising occurs. Loose fitting clothes is recommended the day of surgery and you should avoid wearing jewelry as well.

Smoking is discouraged before surgery as well as alcohol consumption. Ultimately, the only way to know how to prepare this procedure is to see one of our gifted surgeons.

How is a Butt Implant Surgery done?

Butt implants come in a variety of sizes and shape to best fit each patient according to their body type and their aesthetic goal. These implants are made of soft silicone which gives a smooth form and a natural feel.

At Adore Plastic Surgery Miami, our qualified plastic surgeons will help you choose the best option for you so that you get the best results you can get.

The silicone implants are placed away from important nerves and away from the bony area in which you sit so the patient will have normal sensation to the butt area. Once the implant is in place the upper and outer parts of the butt become more firm and round.

This procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the depression areas between the buttocks. There is almost no visible scar.

How is a Butt Implant Surgery done?

Combining Buttock Implants with Butt Lift or Thigh Lift

Fat transfers, fat injections, or the Brazilian butt lift is done through incisions of 2.5 mm in hidden places of the buttocks. After the incisions, liposuction cannulas are introduced first to remove any excess fat from the hips, thus shaping the buttocks. The fat that is removed is prepared and then injected into the gluteal muscles.

Butt implants surgery reaches volumes ranging from a slight increase to a very large increase in size with butt implants of—500 mL. There is difference in cost depending on the implant size. After a your butt implants surgery, you will look natural and elegant.

Buttock Augmentation with Implants: Risks and Complications

Just like with any surgery, there are some risks that come with getting buttock augmentation procedure. Making the decision to undergo such a procedure is a personal decision that could prove to be life changing.

With our Adore Plastic Surgery surgeons, we make sure to take the safest route when going through the procedure depending on the individual's personal needs. Here's a list of some risks that come with getting butt enhancement surgery:

Luckily, with our team, we make sure to minimize the likelihood of such risks by honoring one's personal body makeup and taking the proper, safe steps to choosing the right and most effective procedure for you so that these risks don't become a reality for you.

Butt Implant Recovery

After the surgery the patient’s mobility will be difficult and restricted, requiring rest for several days. It is not until the second week that the patient can move. At first, the patient should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on their back for however long the surgeon recommends in order to maximize the surgery results.

Following butt implants, bruising and swelling may appear and remain for a few days, but they will disappear eventually and swelling will be minimized. The patient may also feel some numbness that will pass.

What Results Can You Expect After Getting Gluteal Implants?

The outcome of this plastic surgery depends on the specific deformity the patients wants to correct. If the patient wishes to enlarge and perfect their buttock shape after they have tried everything—including dieting and exercise—a butt augmentation might be the solution he or she have been looking for.

This procedure shapes the butt, reduces fat, and cellulite. Patients who enlarge their butt can enjoy a fuller and shapely body silhouette.

Why Choose Adore Plastic Surgery for your Gluteoplasty?

At Adore Plastic Surgery Miami, we have highly qualified professionals and experts at the craft of cosmetic enhancement. We not only take the safest and most effective route to produce the results that you deserve, but we also have the experience to back it up.

If you and/or your loved one wish to start a new chapter in your lives and embark into surgical enhancement and a loss of low self-esteem, call us at (954) 546-7655!

Buttock Implant Surgery Cost

When it comes to the cost of the butt implants Miami procedure, it may vary depending on the demand of the particular person, their body type, health status, and what they want. The only way to truly know what it would cost for you is to get a consultation with one of our Adore Plastic Surgery staff members.

Overall, the average cost to this procedure with fat grafting is about $4,000, a butt lift may cost $4,500, and just butt implants may cost $4,500 or more depending on the demands of the procedure for that particular person.

FAQs Breast Reduction Miami

Can implants ripple?

Depending on where the implant is placed determines any rupturing that may occur. That is why our surgeons are highly trained and experienced. We know how to put in an implant so that this does not happen.

How much is the cost for implant removal?

The cost of removing an implant(s) depends on the surgeon and the location of this procedure. Without a replacement of an implant, it averages at a cost of $4,000, but every place is different and thus the charge will always be different.

Are butt implants dangerous?

When placed correctly into the augmented area of choice, they are perfectly safe. It is important to get an experienced professional to do any cosmetic and/or plastic procedure.

Are butt implants safe long term?

Usually, if there is an issue, it is most commonly during the first month or so. In the long term, however, there tends to be great success and no complaints when done safely and correctly.

Butt augmentation age limit?

Augmentation should be performed on adults in order to get positive results.

Is butt augmentation covered by insurance?

Health insurance providers will not assist in cosmetic and/or plastic surgery due to the fact that this is an elective procedure.

Substitute to fat injections for butt augmentation?

The best way to augment the gluteal region is through fat transfers, but if you do not have a lot of body fat, there is the option of the right implant for your body type and what you want to look like.

How do you sleep after liposuction and butt augmentation?

Lying on your stomach can aid in sleeping right after the procedure, but your surgeon will recommend particular positions suited just for you.

Fat injections for butt augmentation after having gel injections?

Gel injections tend to be unsafe and when one grafts fat over them it can be risky for the individual. It is important to consult a professional because any foreign material that is injected into the body can result in dire consequences.

Would butt enhancement help with my coccyx pain?

It is recommended that you consult with a chiropractor before anything else.

How soon can I have sex after a Brazilian butt lift?

When it comes to sex after surgery, it usually is possible after all of your drains and bandages have been removed, but it all comes down to what the doctor recommends.

Do cream for enhancement of the butt work?

There are currently no creams or medications that aid in such enhancement.

What butt implants sizes are there?

Sizes range from round to oval as the general criteria for basic shapes of implants for this procedure. You can also customize an implant in order to get a tinier or larger form depending on the different types of butt shapes you may be considering or set on making your own

Can the body reject butt implants?

The only way butt implants can extrude—the body attempts to push it out—is if there is an infection, which Adore Plastic Surgery professionals do everything in their power to avoid such an issue. Contact us for any concern about butt implants Miami.

How much does it cost to get implants in my buttocks?

In Miami, FL the average cost can range from 4,000 to 12,000 depending what you desire. Most of the time, patients want a combination of butt augmentation procedures, which will inevitably cost more.

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