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Choosing the right surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure is one of the most fundamental steps when deciding on having a breast augmentation procedure performed. We encourage you to schedule more than just one consultation with any surgeon you choose, but also with different accredited plastic surgeons. This is so that you will be able to find the perfect surgeon for your breast implants surgery by comparing surgeons instead of settling.

At a consultation, you are able to see first hand work that has been previously done by that surgeon as well as get to know more information about the doctor that might not have previously been put online.

Before scheduling a consultation

1. Connect with surgeons in your area

In the process of deciding and looking for the right surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure, keep in mind that the best option is to schedule consultations and do research about local plastic surgeons that will meet the skills and the experience to perform this operation.

2. Potential Surgeons

Having more than one potential surgeon and trying to choose will become a hard decision to make. Here are some questions that you might want to ask your doctor which should be critical to your picking of a specific surgeon. Once you have had these questions answered, feel free to choose whichever doctor gave you the answer that best suit your circumstances and the one that made you feel most comfortable.

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The purpose of your Consultation Process

The purpose of your consultation with a surgeon is to work together as a team and for the surgeon to understand your needs and desires. This way, he or she will be able to give you ideas and recommendations such as which type of implant will be best for you.

The surgeon will have to take time during this consultation to explain the possibles risks and complications that this procedure holds as well as answering your every doubt and concern.

At your consultation

Request Your Surgeon’s Lookbook

Once you are at a scheduled consultation with your surgeon, one of the things that you should do is review their look book as well as ask any questions or concerns that you feel you need answered before continuing with this procedure.

Also you should let the surgeon know about some of your favorite before and after pictures-of their own patients, celebrities, or any picture that you might have-so that your surgeon will know what your expectations are.

Cost of Surgery

Keep in mind that at your consultation with potential surgeons, you should ask about the total cost of your breast augmentation procedure with them at their facility and what your financing options are.

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