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A breast reduction Miami aims to reshape and contour the size of breast all while alleviating secondary side effects brought on by excessively large breasts. This article will cover the ins-and-outs of this procedure, ideal candidates, prices, frequently asked questions, best breast reduction surgeons in the area and so much more!

Thinking about breast augmentation surgery? Most patients immediately begin thinking about size without stopping to consider other factors necessary in order to achieve your desired results while staying within your budget. The average cost of breast implants can vary depending on the kind of implant, incision location preference, and placement, among others.

Implants are available in silicone gel or saline solution. While the shell of the implant remains the same, the two fillers offer various options in terms of size and feel and can drastically affect the price of breast implants.

The average cost of breast augmentation procedures can also be affected by your geographical location.

Breast Implants Cost

A quick internet search will easily reveal the average cost of breast implants which can be misleading; these statistics rarely include costs associated with surgery like anesthesia, facility, and surgeons fees. Before you start mentally shopping for your new bikini or creating that new Pinterest board, consider the following factors that may affect the price of breast implants:

Factors affecting the cost of Breast Implants

What is the Cost of Breast Implants?

Saline breast implants are more affordable and costs begin at $2500. While several factors come into play when determining the cost of your breast augmentation surgery, the main determining factor is the composition and what material is inside your implant prosthetic.

Saline Implants Cost Begin at $2500

Silicone Implants Cost Begin at $3000

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Breast Augmentation Cost By State

Let’s take a moment to explore breast augmentation cost by state. Factors that determine the breast implant price range are market demand, competition, and local economy.

Also consider surgeon’s fees can also vary greatly by region, for example, one of the most expensive regions in the US to undergo a cosmetic procedure is Beverly Hills, where the average breast augmentation can cost upwards of $9000 followed closely by Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, which all fall in the $7000- $8000 range.

Luckily, regions like South Florida tip the scales in the other direction where the average cost of breast implants remains comfortably in the $3000 - $3500 price range. Because of these regional price variations, patients often opt to travel for their breast implant procedures.

If you decide to travel based on the breast implant cost by state, always consult with your doctor and make the required arrangements ahead of your scheduled surgery date.

This graph includes the most affordable USA cities to undergo breast surgery. Please note these are some of the lowest prices. Prices can increase dramatically depending on the surgeon’s expertise and surgery center’s reputation.

Miami, FL $2,500
Washington, DC $3,500
Austin, Texas $4,000
New York, NY $4,500
Las Vegas, NV $4,900
San Francisco, CA$5,300
Chicago, IL $5,500
Seattle, WA $5,850
Dallas, TX $5,900
San Diego, CA $5,900

Additional Costs Associated with Breast Implant Procedures

How long can you be away from home? Your surgeon may give you a general idea of standard recovery time for breast augmentation patients, however each individual is different. It is recommended you do not travel for at least one month after surgery.

Make a plan for a late complication and arrange follow up care after you return home. Ideally, you can arrange to travel for your follow-up care with your surgeon. Make arrangements with a local surgeon for follow up care ahead of your breast implant surgery.

Traveling for your breast augmentation has several benefits and draw backs. With proper research and preparation, patient can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

Every surgeon is different and choosing the one that is right for you is important. If you are asking “how much does breast augmentation cost?” please remember that the price depends on the surgeon, the amenities available at the practice you select, geographic location, and fees associated with getting breast implants.

Many surgeons offer breast implant financing, while others start with affordable breast augmentation options. When considering having a cosmetic procedure, you should stay within a price range you are comfortable in. Talk to your surgery coordinator about pricing and financing options ahead of the initial consultation.

Cost of breast implant revision

Calculating the cost of breast implant removal and replacement can be difficult without first having a consultation. Each patient and situation is different. Some patients may opt for a breast removal and replacement while others go straight to breast implant removal and avoid replacement.

According to 2017 statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast augmentation is $3,718, and $2,357 for breast removal, whether that involves revisions or patients who undergo the procedure for the first time.

Keep in mind that there are other charges associated with the cost of breast implant removal and replacement such as anesthesia, the operating room facility, and other similar expenses. Likewise, the surgeon’s fee, type of breast implant chosen, and location are important factors to consider when calculating your 2nd breast augmentation cost.

So the average cost of breast implant revision with all applicable fees included should be around $5,000-$7,000 with an additional $2,500-$3,500 of breast implant replacement cost and $5000 for a breast lift. Although breast implants are a one-time procedure, replacement implants are inevitable in later years.

On average, the lifespan of a breast implant is 10 to 25 years, unless a rupture occurs or when volume changes over time. Surgeons recommend that women with silicone implants have an MRI every two years to check for leaks.

At Adore Plastic Surgery, the average cost of silicone breast implants is $3,500, and saline breast implants are at $3,000. Please check out our weekly specials as the price can vary, depending on the season or promotions at the time.

Cost of breast implant removal

Deciding to remove your breast implants down the line presents an additional expense. If your implants are fairly new, typically five years or less, and have no deflation, calcification, or contracture, breast implants can be easily removed.

Before deciding what breast implant removal procedure is best for you, your doctor will require an ultrasound or breast MRI to determine the condition of your implants. Removing your breast implants can cost upwards of $1500 not including other costs related to surgery.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation Recovery

The costs of recovery can vary from patient to patient. Remember your recovery highly depends upon your ability to follow your surgeon’s instructions. It is essential you choose a surgeon with the particular approach and experience levels required so that you can have a quality procedure and a pleasant breast augmentation recovery.

Your breast augmentation recovery budget may include:

Financing Breast Implants

While we are fortunate to be in south Florida which is among the most affordable places in the United States to have breast augmentation surgery, cosmetic procedures are still a costly investment.

At Adore Plastic Surgery, we are firm believers that having cosmetic procedures performed by top surgeons should not break the bank. Below are some options to consider when shopping for financing for your breast implant surgery.

Financing Breast Implants

Consider medical credit companies

Medical Credit Companies work similar to traditional credit cards an offer options to finance all or part of your cosmetic procedure. Applying for financing through companies such as MediCard or United Medical Credit is as easy as completing an online application and waiting for a determination form the company. If approved, the medical credit company pays the facility directly.

Medical credit companies and cards are widely used to finance all sorts of medical procedures, but as with all credit applications, be wary of predatory lending. Some may offer enticing deals like 0 percent financing, but read the fine print, as the APR may shoot to upwards of 30% after a predetermined amount of time.

You can use a traditional credit

The majority of cosmetic surgeons accept all major credit cards. As with all shopping, you will need to meet the credit score requirements as well as the lenders qualifications. If approved, you can use one or several credit cards to finance your breast implant procedure.

You can secure a bank loan

Again, if you meet the banks requirements, you can certainly opt to pay for your procedure with an unsecured loan. Patients looking into this option should beware as oftentimes bank loan interest rates are comparable to those of major credit card companies. If exploring this option for financing your breast augmentation, be sure to shop around, and to ask if a secured loan is available, as the interest rate may be significantly lower.

Apply for a home equity line of credit

Home loans are available to home owners who have some equity in their property. The interest rate may vary, but are typically based on the current market mortgage rates. There are some benefits in borrowing against property you own to finance you r cosmetic procedure since the rates are usually much lower than other financing options, but can be dangerous due to the volatility of the housing market.

The old fashioned way… save for your procedure!

The thought of completing a cosmetic procedure in time for a big event, or a momentous occasion is exciting! If you have been thinking about getting breast implants, make a plan and save for your procedure. It may take a bit longer than getting an instant credit card, but you will come out of your surgery looking and feeling better, and debt free!

Dip into your retirement account

Many retirement 401 (k) accounts have provisions for the participant to borrow against a percentage of the balance of the account. The greatest advantage is that you are borrowing money from yourself, at modest rate.

Borrow from a relative or friend

While this may not be an option for many, consider asking for a loan from a relative or a close friend. Personal loans may be tempting since they have no bearing on your credit and don’t take your credit history into consideration. But beware; borrowing money from family and friends can put a big strain on your relationships, often ending in irreparable damage, which can make for some awkward Christmas dinners.

Use crowd funding to finance part or all of your procedure

Crowd funding is defined as raising a large sum of money by collecting small amounts from a great many donors. There are many crowd funding websites, some tailored to specific causes or types of fund raising, others simply offering a platform for those needing to raise money to find sponsorship. Other crowd funding sites are specifically dedicated to help people, mostly women, raise money towards cosmetic procedures.

While some plastic surgery funding sites are geared towards those needing surgery after dramatic weight loss or due to disfigurement, other, creepier sites are structured like dating sites. Patients considering this option should strive to stay as anonymous as possible and not share any personal information with donors.

Patients seriously thinking about crowd funding their cosmetic procedures should look for medical crowd funding platforms, or use well-established reputable crowd funding sites. A well-established crowd funding site will increase the visibility of the campaign, as well as protect your identity, without asking the patient to ever communicate directly with donors.

Choose the financing option that work for your lifestyle

Being in the business of making patients’ dreams come true at is our favorite part of what we do here at Adore Plastic Surgery. While we understand how exciting the prospect of having your dream procedure completed, please choose a financing option that is comfortable for you. Contact us and we will gladly help you find the perfect financing options to meet your budget, and your time frame for getting your surgery completed!

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