The Fraxel Laser is the first equipment that uses a non-ablative fractional laser, which uses an Erbium laser and a 1927 MN laser. While one of them treats fine wrinkles and melasma, the other treats deep wrinkles, scars, and keratosis. This Laser preserves the most superficial layer of the skin, serves to make advanced dermatological treatments safely, and allows to recover the youth of the skin in a few sessions.

In this article, you will find what a Fraxel laser is, candidates for Fraxel laser treatment in Miami, how fractional laser works, and more. If you want to know this incredible method for a new and rejuvenated face, keep reading.

Fraxel Laser Miami

What is Fraxel Laser?

It is a revolutionary method of high-tech non-ablative Laser to achieve a deep resurfacing that rejuvenates the face and permanently removes facial stains without damaging the skin. It also removes acne marks and scars that it leaves.

Fraxel Laser is the most advanced fractional laser treatment without ablation on the market. It can regenerate the surface of the damaged skin and bring out young and radiant skin without pain, with hardly any rest time and in a few sessions.

Candidates for Fraxel Laser Treatment

If you're searching to know if you're the right candidate for a Fraxel Laser treatment in Miami, here is some information to find out:

  • It is an effective procedure for people with lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, or superficial scars such as acne scars, which do not respond to less intense treatments.
  • The patient must have elastic, non-oily skin and no tendency to form scars after a minor injury.
  • You may not have medical considerations such as prescription medications or existing health conditions that may cause unnecessary risks during the procedure or recovery period.
  • A right candidate has realistic expectations regarding the results of the treatment.
  • The benefits and limitations of the procedure must be informed in advance.
  • People with light skin tones are better candidates for this procedure than people with darker skin tones. It is because there are fewer risks of unexpected side effects, such as permanent skin discoloration.

How Fractional Laser works?

It is a simple treatment that removes superficial parts of the skin where the spots that we want to disappear from it leave a renewed, smoother, and hydrated skin. Like it is a fractional technique, a deep resurfacing is achieved. That is, the regeneration of the skin is much higher, showing a youthful and renewed appearance, and besides, with this technique, the possible side effects that can occur are eliminated.

Key Benefits of Fraxel Laser

Here are some benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment:

  • Removal of skin blemishes radically.
  • It gives you a wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation.
  • The treatment improves the aesthetics of acne marks and surgical scars.
  • Effective treatment of precancerous lesions.
  • It gives you an improvement in skin tone and texture.
  • It is a treatment for the face, neck, and neckline.
  • It produces more elastin and collagen that favor the appearance of the skin.

Fraxel Laser Skin Surfacing in Miami

The procedure of Fraxel Laser Treatment can take about 2 hours. First, a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the area to be treated for one hour. Then the laser treatment will begin. A jet of cold air will be used to relieve the sensation of heat. Once finished, cold compresses will be applied for a few minutes, and to complete the area will be covered with a moisturizer. There will be a sensation of intense heat that will remit in about 2 hours.

Fraxel Laser resurfacing aftercare

When the Fraxel Laser has passed, a sensation of redness may remain, for which an anti-inflammatory cream that relieves that sensation is applied. It will disappear after a while. Avoid sunlight after treatment, so it is necessary to use protective creams.

It is essential to moisturize the skin with moisturizers that favor recovery and achieve the perfect resurfacing result. The days after the treatment, the skin acquires a tan tone that will disappear with the passing of days; it can even be peeled due to the regenerative process of the skin itself.

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Questions & Answers

The number of sessions with Fraxel Laser depends on several important factors that occur on the skin of each patient. That is why you have to make an assessment and see which is the most effective treatment and the number of sessions needed to achieve the optimal results. The courses are usually between one and four.
After the Fraxel Laser treatment, specific creams will be used, they will help repair the skin, and the sun should be avoided entirely, although the contact is minimal, high sun protection should be applied.
The Fraxel Laser is characterized by being the most reliable technology in the market. It helps blur and eliminates all types of marks, stretch marks, spots, or scars, causing them to be invisible to the human eye.
There is nothing definitive in the skin; it is an organ that is alive. Yes, it is solved, but if a person, for example, in the case of stretch marks, changes weight again or in the case of spots, he returns to the sun and does not take care of himself, the problem can come back. But with care, there is no problem.
Many people with stretch marks and scars are coming because not everyone has this type of machine. In general, these patients are rejected in other centers that cannot offer a solution to this problem. The results that this Laser gives are impeccable and also does not damage the skin.

It can be applied in all areas of the body, including the facial area, without any problem.

There are only two areas where we have to be more careful, one is in the part of the lip and the other around the eye. In the case of the eyelid, it will be necessary to use a previous special protector that helps us to prepare the area and not damage it.

It depends on the type of life the patient will lead. If you are a person who is not going to go outside, who is working, who is not sunbathing, or is an area that will not be exposed, you can do it correctly.
Yes, you can eliminate them, if not eliminate them 100%, hide them. Those that are smaller are removed, and if the marks are more abundant, they are hidden. The appearance of the skin becomes smoother, dense, and thickened.
Any phototype can be used as long as it hasn't sunbathed.
There are two types of results, superficial and deep. External effects can be assessed the first 7-10 days after the session; however, for profound consequences, we need at least one month after the first contact with the Laser.