What Is A Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover that Adore Plastic Surgery offers their patients the opportunity to take care of the specific issues that face women after giving birth. The two major areas that normally affect the body by a pregnancy are the stomach and the breasts. The stomach muscles are tightened by sewing the torn and stretched muscles back together and getting rid of the extracted excess skin and fat. This procedure also includes the issues concerning the breasts such as drooping, loss of size, and other concerns. These are the target areas for this exclusive make over package for new mothers in Broward FL.

Mommy Makeover Fort Lauderdale

Whom Is This Type Of Surgery For?

These specialized procedures are very helpful to women who have recently given birth to a child that has resulted in an unfavorable self-image for the mother. Many times the mother is unable to retain her pre-pregnancy body through diet and exercise alone. This is often the result of carrying large babies, who stretch the stomach skin and muscles to their limits.

This targeted makeover also addresses issues with the breasts shape changing due to the pregnancy. Often the breasts lose their shape, volume, or no longer are the same size. Our Mommy Makeover will address and re-shape the undesirable areas of your body with minimal discomfort and a quick recovery time.

Benefits Of Having A Mommy Makeover Fort Lauderdale

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Fat

Once the delivery of the baby is over, it is often very difficult to get the stomach area to return to its previous state. It is often the case that the skin stretches to such an extreme, that there is no elasticity left. Deeply embedded stretch marks form in the skin of the stomach and upper pelvis areas.

The Mommy Makeover will take care of these stretch marks and the excess unnecessary skin that often comes with them by performing a tummy tuck. The surgery has varying degrees of intensity from the most extreme procedure called a complete abdominoplasty, to the lightest of procedures called a mini-abdominoplasty.

There is also a procedure called the circumferential abdominoplasty, which targets not only the stomach but also the buttocks, hips, back, and waistline.

Liposuction is another procedure that doctors use often to remove the unwanted fat deposits from such areas as the hips, buttocks, stomach, and thighs by vacuuming out the fat with a small tube inserted under the skin. Each of these procedures will leave the mother with the tight and flat stomach that they desire after visiting our team of specialists at Adore Plastic Surgery in FL for a Mommy Makeover.

Address Breast Issues

Being pregnant changes many things within a woman's hormonal and physical body. One of the things that hormones cause the body to do is to produce milk for the infant. This results in the swelling of the breasts with the milk supply, resulting in the formation of much larger breasts than the woman normally has.

After giving birth, the breasts decrease after the mother either has stopped nursing or does not nurse the infant. Once the hormone level has dropped, the breasts begin to shrink, often resulting in not so lovely results in the appearance and size of the breasts. Some women experience drooping breasts that would benefit from a breast lift.

Others experience the problem of their breasts being smaller than their pre-pregnancy state. They will benefit from a breast enlargement procedure. Still others experience the issue of their breasts no longer being the same size and shape. A reconstructive surgery performed at Adore Plastic Surgery in Florida, FL will address all of these concerns with their Mommy Makeover treatment.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Just as with any surgery, it is important that the patient take pre-operation preparations. The first thing to tackle is to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking has a history of causing complications during surgery.

Another preparation to address before the Mommy Makeover procedure is the type of medications one takes. Before surgery, candidates should refrain from taking any type of aspirin or prescription blood thinners unless directed by and approved by the surgeon. These medications could cause uncontrolled and excess bleeding during the course of the surgery and put the patient at risk.

To ensure the best results for your surgery at Adore Plastic Surgery, it is important that you are healthy and rested. This involves eating well-balanced and healthily prepared meals. There are specific types of foods that a patient needs to target on weeks before the operation is to take place. It is necessary to increase the patient's protein level in their diet at least 3-5 weeks prior to surgery. This type of procedure is dealing directly with the skin and fat of the body, so proper water intake is a large part of the proceedings to the surgery.

Post-Surgery Recommendations

Just as after any surgery, healthcare workers advise that the patient relax and rest after such a procedure. It is necessary to get adequate amounts of sleep so that the body can concentrate on healing itself. Most of a body's healing powers are the most beneficial when the person is asleep. It is equally important that the patient try limit activity, avoiding too much in the first few days. Moving around a lot will increase the blood flow to those areas that have had trauma because of the surgery. Rest is the best medicine.

To make your healing process easier after the surgery, it is necessary to complete preparations before undergoing the procedure. This will include finding a friend or family member who is available to help you for at least the first few days after surgery. Patients should avoid any heavy lifting or straining, and a helper around your home will be necessary. For those mothers going to experience the Mommy Makeover who already have children at home, it will be necessary to secure someone to care for them at least for the first few days so that you can get the proper rest that you will need.

Having a child is one of the greatest miracles that one can experience. Although the resulting infant is more than worth the pain of childbirth, the aftermath of a stretched, sagging, out of shape body is often what the mother's get left with. To get your pre-pregnancy body back, visit www.adoreplasticsurgery.com to see what we have to offer in our Mommy Makeover plan for you. At Adore Plastic Surgery, FL, we focus on getting your hot mom body back and into your bikini as soon as possible.

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