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Cosmetic surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States today, liposuction, tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift, blepharoplasty or other plastic treatment. Many people forget that after any surgery of this magnitude is very important to take care and feeding, but the most important that you need to think is the postoperative massage.

Massage is simply the set of maneuvers or manipulations performed that with hands have on body parts a therapist purpose. After plastic surgery the body is exposed to physical abuse in the joints, muscles and tissues, so postsurgical or postoperative therapy massage speed recovery and reduce or eliminate pain or inflammation product that occur after surgery.

Adore Plastic Surgery Miami, Hialeah and Broward offer the best team of massage therapist that you need for your body to recover completely and quickly as possible and your body can look beautiful and happy. Adore Plastic Surgery complements on plastic surgery procedure with a massage. Among the fundamental therapies offer ultrasound, massage and lymphatic drainage.

Postoperative therapies in general contribute to:

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Postoperative Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages Miami

After two or three weeks of a liposuction, Tummy Tuck, arms and thigh reduction or a breast lift, the patients can accumulate liquids that harden forming a fibrosis, so our surgeons recommend a massage for lymphatic drainage, is a treatment that by manual massage increases the lymph flow and activation of the lymph nodes throughout the body improving circulation, eliminating bruising caused healing and helping to scar.

Adore Plastic Surgery therapists have extensive experience and training in this therapy. Lymphatic drainage is the natural function of the lymphatic system, being an essential part of immunity. If this function is not working properly can cause more serious health problems so it is important this type of soft massage as it helps to release the inflamed tissues produced by the surgical work done in that area, facilitating the acceleration of accumulated liquid.

It is necessary that people know, how important it is to a massage therapist after an esthetic surgery for a final result. In our clinic can find a team of medical professionals in massage post liposuction and specialist’s machines in this type of procedure.

Postoperative lymphatic drainage massages can start after the first week of surgery performed, with 12 sessions from 30 to 40 min accompanied ultrasound deep heat waves whose graduates by type of therapy to be performed in each session depending of the patient's condition, which is always going to be pretty good, if you meet all the pre-surgical and post-surgical follow their doctor recommendations.

The recovery and shaping the body of the patient after Adore Plastic Surgery lymphatic drainage are extremely surprising.

Advantages of Postoperative lymphatic drainage massage Miami

The lymphatic drainage with postoperative massage belts and a healthy diet will provide a desired result plastic surgery Miami.

Lymphatic drainage manual can also be used cosmetically to combat situations such as:


  • Postoperative massage cannot anyone person, has to be certificate lymphatic drainage specialized.
  • It is important not to smoke because it slows healing.
  • Adore Plastic Surgery recommends start to drainage from 6 or 7 days after surgery. Manipulation can occur early serous fluid accumulation.
  • We recommend massage with belts, which put pressure on the treated areas. The use of belt should be regularly monitored by the surgeon who will recommend the necessary adjustments.
  • Recommended a balanced nutrition and follow all instructions in your massage postoperative.
  • Lymphatic drainage cannot use for patients men and women who suffer from low blood pressure, acute infections , phlebitis , thrombosis , cardiac failure , bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, carotid sinus syndrome and people suffering from malignant tumors.
  • Adore Plastic Surgery recommended that the patient under postoperative massage to relax after this relaxed both knees and hips so that the abdominal muscles to relax and breathe deeply the subject can flex, this will encourage the lymphatic return working hydraulic diaphragm and also improve venous return.

Post Surgical Massage Miami Treatment

Postoperative massage after liposuction is painless several maneuvers, a deep and constant pressure throughout the area intervened, allowing the main channels carry the lymphatic nodes, so that they occur when the drag gradually evacuate all liquid remaining after surgery, by combining this process with ultrasound waves deep whose heat is graduated according to the type of therapy to be performed, a combination that leads to rapid and efficient recovery.

Each therapy is performed in the intensity that cannot reach each patient to repeat the cycle pain-swelling-pain.

When the patient for some reason of their own healing process develops a significant degree of fibrosis, can contemplate the option of ultra-cavitation process that has a great benefit in solving this pathology.

Post-surgical Treatment Abdominoplasty

Postoperative therapy should begin at least four days after the operation. The procedure is similar to liposuction, but the first four days only manual lymphatic drainage and pressure will work in other disturbed areas, and eight days after deep pressure is made in the abdominal area, when this surgery is combined with liposuction, can start the lymphatic drainage in the area of liposuction the second postoperative day leaving the abdominal area deep drainage from the eighth day.

The massage does not have to be deep but rather smooth surface, during the session dressings are placed and rosehip oil used. Massage the treated area as well as the same scar after the stitches were removed. This treatment helps patients regain the sensitivity and elasticity of the surgical site.

Post-surgical Treatment Breast Augmentation or Mammoplasty

Consists of accommodation to maneuver, lymphatic drainage to the axillary and supraclavicular accompanied by ultrasound. Are required for massage performed after a breast augmentation to reduce muscle spasms and encapsulation. Massages are very important with any breast prosthesis, because although they look natural after the operation, the body must get used to bras, sleep upside down because the breasts are softer.

This procedure therapist also helps the breast reconstruction, rapid adaptation to the implant and faster normalization of the sensitivity of the breast. Adore Plastic Surgery can begin massage therapy from 2 days to 3 days after surgery as long as your plastic surgeon mammoplasty authorized.

Post-surgical Facial Treatment

They are pumping maneuvers in lymphatic nodes near the operated area, to which all excess liquid from the surgery, accompanied by a low frequency ultrasound creeps.

Questions and Answers about Post Surgical Massage Miami

What are the objectives of the lymphatic drainage treatment?

In Adore Plastic Surgery perform many procedures which we mention the increased role of venous return and reduced stasis capilo-venicular can increase lymphatic flow velocity , venous and lymphatic capillary permeability increase and improve vascular can also reduce edema.

Doctor when can I start giving me massages postoperative?

It is recommended to wait 1 week after the operation, because the patient may be very sore.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends, because everybody is different from each other, some people recover faster from each other, it would be advisable to at least 12 to 18 sessions.

How often should I massage?

During the first week of starting treatment is recommended every day, while closer to the surgery this notice faster recovery, ideally followed six days after the second week and 3 times a week. Massages are not contraindicated and also the use of ultrasound.

Why do I feel lumps in the body?

Well those balls that feel called fibrosis are the accumulation of liquefied fat. Usually after surgery 90 % of patients tend to have these symptoms, as well as numbness in certain areas, pain, swelling, burning, but these symptoms are normal after surgery that gradually will disappear to receive massage. When you make a lipo, cannulas come to undo the fat, but not all fat is extracted, liquefied fat residues remain and accumulate, this accumulation fibrosis or as they call balls.

Why is the ultrasound and massage necessary?

Ultrasound helps reduce inflammation and massage the affected serve to drain retained fluids; through lymphatic drainage you delete these traces through urine or feces area.

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