What is a Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is a procedure performed on the nose to alter or enhance the harmony and proportions between the nose and the face of the patient. A rhinosplasty is not only performed for cosmetic reasons, but for medical conditions as well as it can correct many imperfections in the skeletal structure of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Miami

It can correct impaired breathing and correct certain angles of the nose as well as smooth and correct any bumps, indentations or other imperfections of the nose. People with deviated septums or asymmetrical noses might opt to get this procedure done due to its increase in popularity over the last couple of decades.

There are two different types of rhinoplasties; Open vs. Closed. This simply refers to the two possible ways that a surgeon could possibly approach to access and remove the nasal skin to facilitate exposure of the skeletal framework of the nose.

- Open: Involves a small incision on the outside of the nose between both nostrils, which can lead to a miniscule scar that might be visible to others.

- Closed: Incision to reach the skeletal framework is done within the nose instead of outside, leaving minimal or no scarring on the nose after recovery.

Ideal Candidates for a Rhinoplasty Miami

These patients must be realistic and comprehend that perfection is not possible. This means that the patient is socially and emotionally well adjusted as patients who begin to expect perfection are bound to grow an obsession with the appearance of their nose and end in psychological disorders and botched plastic surgery. Ideal candidates should also be generally healthy and should quit smoking approximately one month before surgery if applicable.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Rhinoplasty Recovery Miami

After surgery, a splint is placed upon the nose to maintain and support the new shape of the cartilage as it heals. The bandaging and taping will be removed after a week or two of recovery. Patients should be prepared to feel a sense of puffiness on and around the nose and eyes as this will occur naturally due to the swelling and bruising of the face. You might have to maintain your head firm and still for the first couple days after surgery to ensure that nothing occurs to the extremely fragile and moldable cartilage.

An ideal candidate for a rhinoplasty would be someone who unhappy with the symmetry of their face or the size and shape of their noses, as well as those who have completed facial development which usually occurs by the age of 15 or 16.

Nose Job Risk

As with any procedure, there are risks that every one should know before going ahead and considering this procedure for example:

  • Bleeding
  • Injury or holes to septum
  • Breakdown of skin tissue
  • Bruising around the eyes and nose
  • Irritation from bandaging
  • Infection
  • Pain

To help cope with the pain from this procedure, your doctor will prescribe heavy painkillers as well as antibiotics to help avoid infection.

Rhinoplasty Costs in Broward

Insurances do not cover the costs of procedures and surgeries done primarily for cosmetic enhancement. This means that a rhinoplasty would not be an eligible procedure for medical insurances to cover unless there is medical evidence that there is a medical reason for the surgery such as blockage of the nasal pathways or septum deviation, in which case the patients doctor would order the surgery.

Prices for plastic and reconstructive surgery can ultimately depend in your geographical location and on the surgeon performing the procedure. The national average for this procedure ranges anywhere from $3,000.00 to $10,000.00. At Adore Plastic Surgery, we offer patients a convenient financing plan so be sure to contact us for more information by communicating with one of our online representatives.

Nose Job Risk

Rhinoplasty Miami

A rhinoplasty is a procedure that only needs to be done once in a lifetime if performed correctly. This procedure can also be mixed with a variety of other procedures such as a chin augmentation or a facelift. This allows patients to fully correct the symmetry of their face and their general appearance without focusing completely on the nose. This allows more room for satisfaction with the over all end result of a rhinoplasty, as well as less recovery time in general in comparison to having two separate procedures.

This procedure can and has changed the lives of many individuals who have been ashamed of their facial features for many years by giving them something to show off; a beautiful, glowing face. At Adore Plastic Surgery, our board certified surgeons have years of experience giving this gift of confidence back to patients. For more information on rhinoplasty procedures in Broward, feel free to speak to one of our online representatives or contact us directly.

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