Overweight and obesity have become a global public health problem. But not only does it affect physical health, but it also affects mental health. Many people suffer from depression because they don't feel comfortable with their weight and how they look in the mirror. We know that excess weight is harmful to health, but not everything is lost, and the solution, in most cases, is within reach. The good news is that at Adore Plastic Surgery, we can help you.

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To achieve your weight loss goal and to have a healthy life, you need an adequate diet plan, daily exercise, and change in behavior. This lifestyle will continually make your efforts bear fruit and achieve the desired change.

In this article, you will see what causes obesity and its risks, weight loss under medical supervision. You will also know who is the ideal candidate for a weight loss program in Fort Lauderdale, how weight loss programs work, among others. If you want to achieve your perfect weight, we invite you to read all the content.

Obesity Causes and Risks

The causes of obesity are diverse, depending on the following circumstances:

  • Fat tissue accumulates when the energy intake in the form of calories is higher than the body's caloric intake. Only under resting conditions, heat production, and caloric consumption derived from physical activity.
  • It is important to know that the majority of cases of obesity are caused by an increase in caloric intake, often associated with sedentary activity.
  • As a cause of obesity, the environmental factor and genetic predisposition also influence.
  • Psychotropic treatments, such as some antidepressants and hormonal therapies, can cause obesity. Especially estrogenic compounds, may favor weight gain.
  • Frequently, circumstances that induce anxiety are accompanied by a compulsive eating attitude that favors overweight.
  • Quitting smoking usually causes weight gain frequently, although this phenomenon is not necessarily inevitable.
  • It may be due to hormonal causes such as hypothyroidism or Cushing's syndrome.
  • It can be caused by neurological or inherited diseases that alter the center of hunger and satiety, which are located in the hypothalamus.

People suffering from obesity can suffer from these health problems:

  • High blood glucose or diabetes.
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • High level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. (Like dyslipidemia or high level of fats in the blood).
  • Another heart problem is to suffer from heart attacks due to coronary heart disease, heart failure, and stroke.
  • Bone and joint problems, the higher weight puts pressure on the bones and joints. This issue can lead to osteoarthritis, a disease that causes stiffness and joint pain.
  • Stop breathing during sleep (sleep apnea). Apnea can cause fatigue or daytime sleepiness, poor attention, and problems at work.
  • Gallstones and liver problems.
  • Some types of cancer.

Weight Loss under Medical Supervision

Medical weight loss program in Fort Lauderdale

Obesity is a prevalent problem in society. Still, nevertheless, it is something that can be controlled by taking the right steps. With our weight loss program in Fort Lauderdale, we offer our patients the opportunity to lose weight with medical supervision with reports of safe and effective results.

Ideal Candidates for our Weight Loss Program in Fort Lauderdale

People suffering from obesity may want to lose weight for different reasons, and an ideal candidate has the following:

  • Improve your health or for personal purposes.
  • Avoid heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • They want to lower blood pressure and total cholesterol level.
  • Relieve and prevent symptoms and injuries related to being overweight.
  • Diets have not worked on their own.

How the Weight Loss Program works

Our weight loss specialists understand that time and education are necessary to help patients achieve their ideal weight and lifestyle. And for us finding a reduced weight that works for you or a weight you can maintain is the key to long-term, successful weight management results. It is possible to lose up to 5-10 pounds this week and up to 15 pounds a month following our physician's weight loss diet program.

We incorporate FDA approved appetite suppressants in conjunction with diet and exercise plans in our program. This will help you produce immediate weight reduction and long term weight loss control. Our medically supervised weight loss program consists of three phases: Acute Weight Loss Stage, Maintenance Phase, and Lifelong Wellness Phase. Each step of the program is maintained through visits with our physicians, not ancillary staff.

Why Dr. Pascual

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual has more than ten years of experience of effective plans focused on achieving dramatic, fast, and safe weight loss results. The renowned doctor was presented on the popular TV show "Rhythm Diet." This is a reality show that showed the power of a program to lose weight tailored to each person, combining nutrition, daily monitoring, and exercise.

During the program, participants lost an average of 100 pounds each in a season, due to their orientation and program designated to see results.

Dr. Pascual says that her patients can lose weight and maintain it for life thanks to the continuous monitoring and support. These are the two critical components of losing weight and keeping it. The specialist believes that communication and personalized programs, along with their personal touches, can lead patients from good results to incredible transformations.

Lose Weight Fast and Safe with our Weight loss Program in Fort Lauderdale

weight loss plan

With our Weight Loss Program in Fort Lauderdale, you will have rewarding results. Everything will depend on the program that our weight loss expert recommends. This medical solutions for weight loss have the best fast weight loss program and recommended specialists that will guide you in all the process.

The initial consultation determines physical eligibility for the program, complete blood panel, and ECG also defines the goals of each patient. The first two phases require weekly, then bi-weekly physician visits. But the third phase, the lifelong wellness phase, requires monthly physician visits to help you maintain your lifelong goals. You can contact our office if you are interested in becoming a better you and have a healthy life!

Call us today and take the next step to a better and healthier life (954) 546-7655.

Questions & Answers

Contrary to what many people think, making 4 to 6 meals a day is ideal for weight loss. It has several reasons: we will avoid feeling hungry. Eating every few hours speeds up our metabolism, making us spend more calories. We will also prevent bingeing that can take us down several days of the diet, and we can divide the food better at the times when it is more appropriate to eat them. For example, the idea is to eat the fruit in the morning and avoid carbohydrates after 6 in the afternoon.
If the "bodyweight guides us according to height" rule, yes, there are specific healthy ranges where we should have our weight. The problem of using only this method as a guide is that this type of measurement does not take into account the body composition of those kilos you have. There are cases where the number in kilograms is the "correct" technically. Still, its composition does not favor us at all.
This question is quite common, and it is necessary to educate the person who is losing weight, to create certain physical and mental habits. So that after they finish the diet, they can talk about specific physical and nutritional activities to conserve the lost weight.
Many people swear that low-carb, gluten-free, or fasting diets for a few days are the guaranteed methods to lose and maintain weight loss. However, there is no specific diet for it. The best is a personalized plan that meets the needs of the individual, without magic remedies, elimination of food groups, or omitting the entire educational process of leading a healthy diet and life.
It is not valid, these foods are nutritious, contain complex carbohydrates, give energy, and are a source of vitamins and minerals, especially if they are wholemeal flours.
The most important thing to reduce is to eat healthily and increase physical activity. Besides, a rigid diet with very few calories is unsustainable in the medium and long term. It will change your metabolism, making it increasingly difficult for you to lose weight.
The only effective way to reduce body fat is to eat less and exercise. And still, the fat that is lowered is from the whole body, not from the areas that each person prefers. Only liposuction and plastic surgery eliminate localized fat.
They get fat exactly like butter and other oils. All fats provide more calories (9kcal / g) than carbohydrates and proteins.
The important thing to reduce is to eat less, without distinction of food combinations. Studies have shown that not combining food goes against proper nutrition; nutrients from one food group favor the absorption of nutrients from the other food group.